What Should I Expect From a Tree Removal Service?

From unsightly to truly threatening property, the reasons for removing a tree can be wide and varied.

Maybe it’s an eyesore, bare and askew, or blocking a beautiful view on your new property. Or maybe you’ve got a dead and leaning tree overhanging your backyard sandbox, or worryingly swaying over your roof in every windstorm. 

No matter why you need a tree cut down or trimmed, felling and removing a tree isn’t as simple as a few swipes of a chainsaw. Even trees standing by themselves in your yard can do frightening things when laid low by an inexperienced weekend warrior homeowner.

A professional tree removal service is the right choice in many situations for three simple reasons: personal safety, avoiding property damage, and proper clean-up.

Don’t put yourself in jeopardy –  here’s what you can (or should) expect from working with an experienced and professional tree service.

The Tree Removal Process From A to Done

We find that most homeowners are curious about the removal process, particularly if their tree is close to their home!

While we can’t speak for every tree removal company, Sunny Slope Tree Service is all about safety and efficiency in every way.

1. Onsite Consultation and Scheduling

Our process begins with an on-site estimate and consultation pertaining to your tree. 

One of our experienced arborists will meet you on-site to take a look at your “problem” tree or trees and provide a quote.They’ll explain what to expect, answer your questions, and help you understand the tree removal process. 

If you’re not available during working hours, we can also call you when we’re outside your home to talk through details.

If our quote is amenable, we’ll schedule your project! Our lead times averages about 2 to 4 weeks.

2. The Tree Comes Down

On the day of your removal, we usually arrive first thing in the morning with everything we need. 

Every situation is different, and every tree removal is unique, meaning that our team assesses the situation to determine what kind of machinery will be needed at your property. If heavy equipment is necessary, we begin with a series of heavy mats to protect your lawn and ground surfaces from tires and equipment movement. This is laid down first before the project gets underway.

Depending on the size of your tree and location, it may need to come down in sections, one at a time, with each piece lowered individually to the ground with a crane or rigging.  

If we’re using a crane and lift, an experienced arborist will either climb or be raised into your tree. The limb or section they plan to remove first will be strapped to a line from an overhead crane. 

The professional then carefully severs the section or limb from the tree. This is done slowly and with close attention to how the section is strapped to ensure it “balances” as it is gently tipped and the crane takes the weight of the section.

As you can imagine, large and long heavy objects tend to swing if not balanced properly. Our goal is always to avoid swinging branches or trunk sections, making measured and experienced tie-ins to lift the now-severed section and gently lower it to the ground. 

This ensures our safety, the safety of your property, and a cleaner removal.

In some cases, trees can be felled directly from the ground. Our experienced team uses specialized techniques, including ropes, pulleys, and ground equipment to direct the falling tree precisely where we (and you!) need it to fall.

3. Cleanup and Completion

When the tree is down, we generally chip all of the limbs and haul the log lengths away. 

Some homeowners may want to keep large logs for firewood, which can save you a little money on the project, or we can even leave the limbs for you as well if you’re prepared to handle the cleanup yourself.

We also provide stump removal and grinding, topsoil delivery, and re-seeding grass if that’s something you’re interested in. 

We even provide tree re-planting if you’re ready for new foliage!

That’s it! Most single-tree projects are done in one day, leaving you with a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing yard.

Tips For Finding a Reliable Tree Service

Whether you need emergency tree removal or are just trying to decide where to begin, we love helping prospective customers better understand what their project will look like. Whether we work together or you find a tree removal company to work with elsewhere, we want you to have a great experience. Here are some things to ask and consider in a tree service.

  1. Ask about credentials or experience. How long has their tree service been in business, or if they’re new, does their team have prior experience?
  2. Ask about insurance. Sunny Slope Tree Service carries extensive insurance in case of mishaps on the job-site, ensuring that even unexpected issues are resolved hassle-free.
  3. Ask about equipment. Quality equipment and the right size of equipment can make all the difference. A crane and lift can dramatically reduce job time and make the project much safer for everyone.
  4. Do some online research and look for customer reviews. Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and other websites like Angie’s List and Houzz can help you find a well-reviewed service provider.
  5. Get referrals. Ask your friends and family who they’ve used for tree removals! Good customer experiences from people you know can mean the world.
  6. Ask about permitting or licenses. Some cities or municipalities require permits to bring down trees, and you’ll want to make sure your tree removal company is aware of local regulations.

That’s it! Our hope is that you find a qualified, friendly, and safe provider to work with for removing your tree. If you’re in Central Pennsylvania, Sunny Slope Tree Service’s dedicated team would love to work with you, beginning with a free quote. Call any time to schedule an on-site visit and to learn more.



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