Tree Trimming


Healthy, Safe Trees Start HEre

When it comes to deciding between a tree removal or simply trimming a tree to ensure healthy growth, we take the long view. 

When trees aren’t properly cared for, inadvertent growth can take its toll on the health of the main trunk structure. As tree limbs wind and intertwine, it can lead to hazardous dead limbs, unhealthy trunks, and more. 

Ultimately, a poorly cared for tree can lead to hazards on your property.

Whether you want to keep leaves out of your gutter or simply have more shade and more light in your yard, we can make recommendations that will fit your property and budget.

Sunny Slope Tree Service solves problems before they happen with comprehensive tree assessments, tree pruning by trained arborists, and tree trimming to strengthen, preserve, and beautify your property for decades to come.

We work with homeowners and property owners to prune trees safely and:

  • Keep trees and limbs from scratching your windows and siding
  • Eliminate branches that create shade in unwanted locations
  • Remove limbs that are threatening a building or roof
  • Keep trees healthy and growing!


Whatever your reason for considering professional pruning, Sunny Slope Tree Service has the experience to help. 

Call today for a free consultation and estimate on-the-spot.

How We Trim Trees To Enhance Your Property and Care For Your Trees

Cutting off a few low-hanging limbs might solve your shade problems, but cutting off limbs by an inexperienced homeowner can ultimately damage your tree or leave it in worse shape than it started.

Did you know that cutting limbs off of trees improperly can introduce disease and injury to the tree? 

Done right, a tree can heal from just about any pruning, but done incorrectly, pruning your tree can create headaches and bigger problems in the coming years. 

The Benefits of Professional Tree Trimming

Work With a Professional Arborist for Peace Of Mind

If you love that 50-year old oak or maple in your yard but are tired of cleaning up dead twigs and looking at unsightly criss-crossed growth, an experienced tree trimming can help. 

Our team knows what to cut and why, giving you comfort that your trees are in great hands. 

Our arborists would love to give you our advice on what and how to improve your trees, and with free on-site estimates, it’s never been easier to consider tree pruning by trained professionals than with Sunny Slope Tree Service.

Improved tree health

A professional arborist and tree trimmer knows how to properly prune trees to keep them healthy and safe. We can identify potential issues and take corrective steps to maintain the tree’s health and stability for many years to come, as well as make your trees and property look better!

Increased safety

Tree branches that are left unpruned can easily cause property damage and injuries, as unhealthy limbs are prone to disease or death. Working with a professional tree pruning company like Sunny Slope ensures that dangerous branches are taken care of before they become a hazard.

Improved appearance

Beautifully pruned trees can enhance any outdoor space and add to the overall aesthetic of the property.

Increased property value

Pruned trees can increase the value of a property and make it more attractive to potential buyers. If you've seen sagging, split trees in someone's front yard, with low-hanging branches and scraggly leaves, you know what we mean.

Long-term savings

Sunny Slope Tree Service's professional tree pruning can help keep trees healthy and prevent them from needing more invasive treatments in the future, like a full removal. This can save time and money in the long run.

What’s The Right Way To Trim A Tree?

When it comes to pruning trees, there truly is a RIGHT way to do it. Here are 8 of the most important things to know before attempting (or outsourcing) your tree trimming. 

Determine the desired shape of the tree and your property’s needs before beginning – Decide the overall form and size you want the tree to have. Consider the location and purpose of the tree when determining the shape, considering existing shade problems or where you hope to maintain shade in the long-run.

Prune dead, diseased, or damaged branches – Dead, diseased, or damaged branches should be removed to encourage healthy growth, prevent the spread of disease, and reduce the potential for damage to property or injury to people. This can be tricky with large dead limbs overhanging property or play areas (we have the equipment to tackle big and small projects alike)

Remove crossing, rubbing, or weak branches – Branches that cross over each other, rub against each other, or are clearly weak and spindly should be removed to keep the tree healthy. Crossed or rubbing branches will ultimately create problems in the future, like dead limbs.

Thin out dense areas of the tree – To improve air circulation and light penetration, thin out areas of the tree that are too dense. This will help to encourage healthy and vigorous growth for years to come.

Cut branches at the branch collar, not flush with the trunk – Make sure to cut branches at the branch collar, which is the area of the trunk where the branch and trunk meet. Do not cut flush with the trunk as this can damage the tree, slow its natural ability to heal, and introduce the risk of disease or insects.

Make sure to prune back to a lateral bud or branch – When pruning back a branch, make sure to cut it back to a lateral bud or branch. This will help to encourage new growth and keep the tree in balance.

Balance the removal of branches throughout the tree – Prune the tree in a balanced manner, removing branches evenly throughout the tree to maintain your desired shape and structure.

If all of the above sounds daunting, Sunny Slope Tree Service can help. Get healthy trees, get peace of mind with a quick phone call today.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Tree Trimming

We generally don’t recommend removing height from your tree by removing large segments from the top, but it is necessary in some cases. 

Why not? Taking off large segments of the top of the tree can ultimately kill the tree. While we can do it, and will, it’s usually not recommended. Our team is happy to explain why and talk through your options in person.

Quality trees should be pruned every 5 years or so to cut down on long-term problems and reduce the risk of more expensive problems in the future.

Tree trimming can cost anywhere from $250 to $3000 depending on the situation. We’ll give you an estimate on the spot, and our team can answer all of your questions in person with a free appointment.

If a tree is properly pruned and a windstorm comes through, your tree will weather the storm much better! 

Windstorms are nature’s way of taking care of dead growth, but that means hazards for your families. By taking care of problem limbs ahead of time, you eliminate the risk of limb falls (particularly on the house) and lots of dead wood in your yard every time there’s a storm.


Ready for An Arborist’s Help Pruning Your Tree?

Sunny Slope Tree Service has been trimming, pruning, and removing trees for nearly three decades. With all of the necessary equipment to do limb removals and tree trimming safely and efficiently, our team can have your trees and property looking better (and safer) in no time, with close care to keeping your property looking its best. Get a pruning estimate and advice by scheduling a free on-site consultation with Sunny Slope Tree Service today.