Emergency Tree Service

24/7 Service

Sunny Slope Tree Service is here to provide you with 24-hour emergency tree services for all your tree and limb removal needs. 

Whether you’re dealing with a fallen tree, a damaged limb on your roof, trees on a power line, or worse, our team of professional arborists and tree experts are here to help. 

With a comprehensive suite of equipment and tools for removing trees and limbs in an emergency situation, we can be on-site quickly and get your property back in shape safely. 

We provide fast, reliable, and affordable emergency tree services no matter the situation, and we’re here 24/7.

Call Sunny Slope Tree Service day or night for your tree-related emergency.

Sunny Slope’s Emergency Tree Removal Services

We provide rapid response for tree emergencies, including same-day service when trees or limbs are threatening your home or family’s safety.

In thirty years of dealing with emergency tree problems, we’ve done just about everything you can imagine, and we have the cranes and bucket trucks to tackle even the gnarliest of emergency situations safely.

Removing limbs from power lines and utility lines

Removing trees or limbs that have fallen on your home or roof

Removing trees or limbs that are hanging over your property and at risk of falling

Taking down split trees that could threaten your structures or safety

And more

How We Remove Trees and Limbs Safely In An Emergency

We know that having a downed tree or limbs on your property can be alarming, particularly when they’re threatening the safety or integrity of your structures or family. 

We take great care to get you home back to normal by removing trees and limbs from an emergency situation quickly and safely.

Sunny Slopes Emergency Tree Removal Process

Assess the Situation and Ensure the Safety of the Site

This involves taking a thorough look at the site to determine the extent of the damage and the potential hazards that may exist. This also involves identifying any potential risks or dangers that could occur in the process of cleanup and making sure proper safety protocols are in place.

Interface with the Local Utility Company to Discuss Downed Power Lines and Arrange for Necessary Repairs

This involves communicating with the local utility company to discuss the state of any downed or threatened power lines and to arrange for power to be turned off or necessary repairs during an emergency tree removal.

Safely Remove Any Limbs or Debris on Roofs, Structures, or Property

If you have large limbs or trees on your roof or leaning against a structure, we take extensive care to gently remove the debris and avoid further damage. If your roof has been compromised, we can help get it removed and secure the roof to prevent leaks while you arrange repairs or replacements. This may involve cranes, rigging, pulleys, and other highly specific equipment.

Safely Remove Any Damaged or Hazardous Limbs from the Trees That Could Create Risk of Further Damage or Injury

Because a tree may pose an ongoing hazard to your building or property, we take the time that we're on site to remove any other threatening limbs or splits, or even remove trees entirely in the event that it's completely compromised.

Dispose of Downed Waste, Sticks, or Foliage

We cut, chip, and dispose of downed limbs, sticks, or foliage in a safe manner to get it off your property. We take everything away, or we can leave the wood if you hope to use it for firewood. Whatever you need, we can create a plan to fit your needs and budget.

Identify Repair or Replacement Contractors

If you need help repairing or replacing damaged structures, our team can connect you with competent and experienced professionals who do roof or siding repair. Many of our trusted contacts are experienced in working with insurance providers to get your repairs covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Tree Services

First off, don’t touch anything! If you have a downed power line or a limb leaning on a power line, we always recommend you don’t touch anything or try to resolve the problem yourself. 

Call your power company to make them aware of the problem and to get their guidance. They may advise you that they’ll be out to take care of the limb themselves. 

Next, call an emergency tree service like Sunny Slope if you think the problem will need to be resolved by you, the property owner. We can give you guidance over the phone, and if necessary, can come out to your property quickly to assess and even tackle the problem.

Our goal is to resolve emergency tree problems quickly and safely, creating a normal environment for your family or customers quickly.

We can usually be on-site to take care of emergency tree situations within 12-24 hours depending on severity. Call our 24/7 hotline to get immediate guidance.

If a large limb or tree has fallen against or on top of your home or roof, wait for professional help from Sunny Slope. 

With our crane and rigging equipment, we can remove problem trees and limbs from just about any situation. 

If the tree has damaged your roof or building, your homeowner’s insurance company may cover the cost of both the removal and fixing damage to the structure.

Yes! While we may not be able to get on-site immediately, we strive to be out to your property within 12-24 hours. We can accelerate the process if a tree or limb is truly threatening your family’s safety or the integrity of a structure.

Our emergency tree services cost slightly more than normal tree services due to the accelerated timeline: anywhere from $500 to $10,000 depending on size and scope of the project. 

We’ll give you a comprehensive quote before beginning any project. 

The great news is that your insurance company may cover all of the cost of an emergency tree removal if it’s damaged or damaging your home.

We carry liability insurance in the case that something goes wrong during a tree removal or limb removal. This insurance covers replacement and repair costs in the event that property is damaged during our process.

Chances are it will! When a tree or limb has damaged your home, a car, or other property, homeowner’s insurance or car insurance is designed to cover these kinds of problems.

We have an extensive equipment list to tackle emergency tree services of all kinds, including a large crane, bucket trucks, chippers, and skid-loaders.

Our trained and experienced arborists can advise you if we think a tree is threatening your home or property. We’ll help you decide on the best course of action in the case of an emergency by coming out to your property and giving you a free quote on-site.

Get Emergency Tree Service Today

If you need emergency tree services, call Sunny Slope Tree Service now today (or tonight). Our certified arborists are available 24/7 and can provide you with the expert care and attention your trees need in an emergency situation. Don't wait - call now to ensure your family and property stays safe!