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If you are looking for a tree service in Downingtown PA, look no further than Sunny Slope Tree Service! Our expert staff has been serving the area in everything from tree removal to stump grinding for over 20 years. As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in what we do and make sure the job is always done right.


Trees play a significant role in the sustainability of our environment here in Downingtown PA. There is no way you can talk about taking care of the environment without discussing how we should take care of trees. It is essential to have healthy shrubs and trees for a healthy society. Apart from contributing to a healthy environment, regular tree care services like pruning or trimming help to promote an aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

Before a tree planting exercise, it is vital to know that different tree types grow in different climates. So, you must decide on the type of tree you want to plant and consider the climate in the region. In case you reach a point where you want to remove a tree from your yard for various reasons, do not conduct the exercise alone; contact a tree removal service like us! Let us look at the benefits of having a professional tree care service company conduct a tree removal exercise.

Total Removal of the tree

Hiring a tree removal service in Downingtown PA helps to ensure that the tree will be removed entirely, leaving behind a clean and consistent garden. If you decide to do it on your own, you will not do a perfect job. You might leave the stump or even damage the garden. That is why you need to hire an experienced tree service company to handle this task.

Injury Prevention

Removal of large trees requires experience and skill. It also requires specialized tools to complete the task effectively. The individual tasked to perform this job needs also to be familiar with the equipment. It is advisable to work with certified arborists for efficient and safe tree removal.

Clean Up Services

A licensed tree removal service in Downingtown PA also provides clean up services. After a tree is removed, the hired company will also ensure that they remove any pieces of tree branches and trunk pieces from the area. If you require to have the branches for firewood, the company can cut them into smaller pieces.


Tree removal can have a range of benefits for everyone involved. Curb appeal, whether for your home, rental property, or commercial business, can sometimes be vastly improved by removing a tree or two from the yard or around the property line.

In addition to raising property values and improving general curb appeal, tree removal can possibly even help make potential buyers more comfortable with a house or apartment complex. A lack of overgrown or dead trees littering the property helps make the neighborhood feel cleaner overall and can contribute to the general health of the entire street by making just one place look more approachable.


You’ve had some trees removed, and now you’re left with the stumps. Luckily, the experts at Sunny Slope can also grind out the offending stumps with a stump grinder so nothing of the tree is left behind. Stumps can be an eyesore on your otherwise meticulous landscape. Unless you plan on using tree stumps for decorative purposes as a pedestal for bird baths, bird houses, or for climbing vines, you’ll find your tree stumps to become a yard annoyance over time. Let us help you take your lawn to the next level with stump grinding in Downingtown PA.


Taking care of your trees through routine trimming can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your property, but many people skip this maintenance due to the time needed. If you’re planning on having guests visit your home or you regularly have people stay in a spare room through a vacation service, you’ll want to do your best to ensure that the trees stay in the best condition.

Having a professional come by to take care of loose branches on your trees can prevent any heavy branches from falling and causing injuries below. Loose branches can be difficult to find on your own without a ladder to reach the tree, making it a job better left to a professional.

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