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Since 1996, Sunny Slope Tree Service has been one of the top names in tree service in West Chester, PA. A family-owned and operated company, trees are more than just a part of business – they’re our passion and way of life! If you’re looking for tree trimming, removal, or another tree service, you’ve found the right team.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and fully-licensed and insured staff, we are able to handle even the most hazardous tree removals. We’re also experts in stump grinding and land and lot clearing. Through our years of offering tree service to West Chester and the surrounding Pennsylvania area, we understand just how unique every single tree is. While this could present risks, we’re always ready for the next challenge.

Trees have a large impact on your property, especially when something goes wrong. Having a diseased, physically damaged, or improperly placed tree could be dangerous not only for your other plants, but also for the structural integrity of your home. Make sure you’re getting expert advice and services by consulting with a certified arborist so your trees stay strong, safe, and healthy for decades to come.

Safe tree Removal

We provide superior tree removal services to the West Chester PA area. When it comes to preserving a mature tree, it is vital to find someone knowledgeable for opinion and care. Whether you’re planting new trees, maintaining established ones, or need tree removal in West Chester PA, Sunny Slope Tree Service will be able to help.The warning signs that a tree needs to be removed include:

The tree is very close to your house

Cracks in the soil around the tree’s roots

Mushrooms growing on the bark.
This might indicate a fungal infection

The tree trunk is splitting

trusted Tree Care

Mature trees are usually native trees that are well established in the soil. They have their placement solidified with a widespread root system and are seen standing tall to reach the sun. 

It is easy to feel that these trees do not need any extra care. Keeping these trees around and extending their longevity, it will be vital to take an additional effort in caring for them.You can give them the opportunity to thrive with some easy maintenance and consideration. One of the most important things to care for is a tree’s roots. 

While we may picture root systems extending quite deep into the soil, the majority of trees roots are within the top eight inches of soil. 

Outdoor work such as gardening, excavation, trenching, and planting can damage roots. Damaged roots can be difficult to recover and have the potential to kill a tree.

What is around the roots can be as important as the roots themselves. Keeping the soil enriched and healthy will give a tree the nutrients it may be missing. 

In contrast, it is critical to not disturb the soil too much. Changes in the soil can “shock” any plant. Disturbances or contaminations are harmful when you (or even neighbors) may be doing housework, outside work, or construction.

Tree Trimming and pruning

When it comes to tree trimming in West Chester, PA, having the proper techniques for trimming is imperative. Tree pruning is the selective removal of parts of the tree to both improve the tree’s health and to achieve a desired aesthetic. Pruning is most commonly done when the tree is dormant. 

If you’re looking for a burst of growth come Spring, then this is definitely our suggestion. Pro tip: Wait until Winter is no longer at its coldest. Contact us today to help with your tree trimming or pruning in West Chester PA.



Certified arborists are trained to consider many potential factors when inspecting your trees or modifying them. Instead of just looking for physical damage, such as split branches and burns from lightning strikes, or clear signs of parasitic and infectious diseases, arborists are field-training on diseases and disorders, including new outbreaks in the surrounding areas, so they can predict problems before they start and help shore up your tree’s defenses.


Companies with certified arborists on staff are investing in service quality. Just like finding contractors that have industry-standard insurance policies, finding a tree management company with a certified arborist is an indication that the company cares about the long-term success of any services and good relationships with customers.


Trimming, pruning, and even removal will be done in a way that enhances and maintains the beauty of your property while protecting and even benefiting the overall health of the tree. As an arborist is a certification and not just a title that anyone can cloak over them, you know you are getting a tree company who truly understands your trees and what they need to grow strong.

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