How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree Stump?


  • The average price of a stump removal by Sunny Slope ranges from $150 to $600.
  • The national average cost of tree stump removal projects ranges from about $200 to $1000 depending on complexity and location. A stump removal cost in Los Angeles will be much higher than rural Lancaster County where we’re based.
  • Our prices will vary based on how much you would like us to do: from just the grinding to hauling away all of the debris and bringing in topsoil for reseeding. We’ve broken this down in an example below.

How Much Is Stump Removal?

At Sunny Slope Tree Service, we (and other professional stump removal companies) price stump removal projects based on the size and height of the stump, plus the expanse of the roots or root complexity. If you need multiple stumps removed, that will raise the cost of stump removal.

We use a heavy duty stump grinder to grind through the entire stump and wood that is below ground, as well. We grind whatever is above ground level and another 4-6 inches below grade: that includes both the main tree stump plus any roots that are exposed.

Our goal is to create a clean, flat space with 4 to 6 inches of good soil for new grass or landscaping to grow.

Our stump removals in and around Lancaster County generally run from $150 to $600 per stump depending if you want the grindings hauled away, top soil brought in, and/or re-seeding.

This price is in line with the national average based on our conversations with other providers in the country.

Stump Removal Cost Example

We recently removed a walnut tree stump with a trunk diameter of about 24 inches (across), with some basic root flare.

We hauled the wood grindings away and brought in approximately 3 inches of topsoil, seeded new grass, fertilized, and protected the area with straw.

Stump grinding: $250

Hauling away the grindings: $200

Topsoil and grass seeding: $125

Total Stump Removal Cost: $575

This is a fairly normal stump removal cost for what we consider a “white glove” stump removal, meaning that the homeowner wants a completely finished and re-seeded space and won’t be tackling any of the cleanup on their own.

Based on the breakdown above, you can see that adding or removing elements of the cleanup/finishing process can affect your price. We try to be highly transparent about our tree stump removal costs so that you can pick and choose what you need: a la carte!

How Does A Stump Grinder Work?

We use a Bandit stump grinder on tracks with a 75 horsepower engine. This powerful machine has a large diameter grinding wheel, positioned vertically, that sweeps back and forth across the top of the stump, grinding off a half-inch to an -inch of the stump with each pass. It must be moved inward and outward through this process.

Our stump grinder has large “shields” running along the side of the grinding area to prevent grindings from flying everywhere. At completion, even if you want the grindings left behind, we try to pile them up and make your yard look great.

7 Tree Stump Removal Price Factors

For stump removal companies, a variety of factors affect how much time and material will go into any project, and thus your final cost of stump removal. Small stumps are obviously easier and faster, but that’s not the only factor.

Tree Stump Width and Stump Size

Stump diameter is the primary factor in determining the price of a tree stump removal for any stump removal professional.

A 48-inch large stump will take a lot longer to grind down than a small 20-inch stump. Likewise, depending who cut down the tree in the first place, the height of the remaining stump places a key role in determining tree stump removal cost.

As professional stump removal folks AND a tree removal company, we try to bring down trees without leaving a tall unsightly stump. It’s much faster and easier to cut the trunk with a chainsaw than it is to grind down that same trunk. When we cut down a tree, we work hard to leave as little stump as possible to make sure the tree stump removal process is easy for the next guy: whether you’re using our professional stump removal services or someone else.

Root System Size

The size of your root system, root flare (the bell at the bottom of the tree), and a complex root system all affect how much grinding we have to do in your stump removal. Tree root removal is a natural and expected part of the process, and some tree species can make that more time-consuming. Maple trees are notorious for root systems near or above the surface of the soil.

As we grind and execute a tree root removal, we’re working to bring the stump and roots at least 4 inches below the surrounding soil grade.

Stump Height and The Grade of the Ground

When we have to grind through 36 inches of stump height to get to the soil level, and then go another 4-6 inches below ground, this adds time to the stump grinding project, and thus cost to the stump removal.

This is why we try to make low cuts when removing trees in the first place.

In some cases, we can use a chainsaw to cut off a portion of the stump before beginning work with the grinder, but doing a stump removal after a well-done tree removal to begin smooths our job considerably.

Debris Removal

Removing debris is another factor to consider when we remove a stump.

Raking and scooping all of the stump grindings into a truck to haul debris away adds time and equipment use to any tree stump removal, and cost to remove it. 

Adding Topsoil

We love a great-looking final product as much as you do, and many homeowners would like us to take care of everything. In many cases after we’ve removed a big stump from large trees, it may be necessary to bring new topsoil to fill the void left behind by your stump removal. That increases time, material, and equipment needs on the job and will increase the tree stump removal costs.

Adding topsoil is an excellent option if you already have poor soil condition or rocky soil that needs improvement.

Seeding or Landscaping

Adding grass seed, fertilizing, and protecting the area after we remove tree stumps is a great way to get a picture-perfect completed project, but it will increase your stump removal cost by a small amount.

Number of Stumps

If you have more than one tree stump to remove, this will increase the cost of stump removal – BUT, after the first stump, tackling more than one stump from surrounding trees does lower the price of each incrementally. 

That’s because we’re already onsite with our stump grinder, and an additional stump is incrementally less expensive than the first stump removal.

Proximity of Other Trees or Buildings

Stumps right next to a building or other trees will sometimes increase our cost to remove, only because we have to take extra steps to keep your property or landscaping clean and safe from damage during the process.

A Note of Caution for DIY Stump Removal or Cleanup

We often have customers who would like us to take care of the stump grinding, but they’re willing to do the cleanup and re-seeding or landscaping to save money.

That’s just fine with us!

But, we do caution DIYers that there are often FAR MORE stump grindings and debris at the end of a stump removal than they might expect. For most mid-size and large trees, you should expect to be cleaning up 2 to 3 cubic yards of debris, which is labor intensive. And, you have to have somewhere for those grindings to go.

Other Stump Removal Methods

Professional stump grinding and stump removal

We use professional grinding equipment and loaders to make our stump removal services faster, easier, and less labor intensive. If you want a hassle-free, safe, and clean stump removal with stump grinding, letting the pros like Sunny Slope Tree Service take care of A to Z is the easiest removal method.

Renting a stump grinder

You CAN do your own manual stump removal by renting a stump grinder! Lots of equipment rental companies will rent this equipment. Just be prepared for a lot of work, cleanup, and a learning curve as you figure out the best way to use the grinder.

Chemical rotting

Chemical rotting involves drilling holes in the tree stump and adding a powder or liquid solution to help accelerate the rotting process. These chemical rotting formulas usually include potassium nitrate or sodium hydroxide. While chemical rotting does speed up the process, you should still expect 3 to 12 months or even longer for large stumps.


This removal method is pretty straightforward: drill or hack into the stump and light a fire! Removing a tree stump by burning it generally takes a few “sessions” of burning, with time in between smashing at the burned stump with a pickaxe or axe. Be careful, and consider calling your local fire department to let them know you’re doing a controlled burn beforehand. This is probably the most common diy removal method.

Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

There are gobs of reasons to want to remove a stump, and we’ve heard them all. For the most part, it’s about looks and making a yard easier to manage, but other reasons include:

  • Improve aesthetic appeal
  • Eliminate safety hazards
  • Avoid inconvenience for lawn maintenance
  • Prevent disease spread
  • Control pest infestation
  • Free up space for other uses
  • Increase property value
  • Stop unwanted regrowth
  • Protect lawn care equipment
  • Reduce fungus growth
  • Prevent root-related damages to property

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Stump Removal

Do stump removal costs differ based on the kind of tree?

No. While a hardwood tree like oak might take us a little longer, we don’t change our pricing based on the species of tree. Size and depth are the real determining factors in our stump removal prices.

What’s the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?

Stump grinding and stump removal are essentially methods aimed at addressing the same issue — the elimination of a tree stump after a tree has been cut down for tree removal. They’re basically the same thing in the sense that their end goal is to remove a stump from your property.

Tree removal companies most often use a grinder, but they might also use an excavator or loader for smaller stumps.

Who removes stumps?

We do, and its a common service offering among tree service companies that take down or trim trees.

Do stump removal costs differ by tree size?

Yes, and this is the primary factor involved in determining your stump removal cost. Average cost will vary by tree stump diameter, stump removal method, and number of tree stumps.

The same goes for the cost to remove a tree – size matters.

Can you remove tree roots?

We sure can! Depending on tree type and species, your roots may extend well beyond the base of the stump. Tree type affects how close roots are to the surface of the soil, too, which is a key factor in determining tree stump removal costs. Remember, we want to have clean soil and quality soil condition down about 4 to 6 inches after root removal.

Do stumps need to be removed when a tree is cut down?

Tree removal does not also require stump removal. Tree trimming and tree removal experts will often offer or recommend stump removal services, but if you don’t care about how the stump looks, we can always leave it! Some people even like to turn their tree stump into a decorative landscaping element.

What to do after a tree stump is removed?

After you remove a stump, you’ll probably want to re-seed the area or landscape where the stump was. Stump size and root systems will determine how laborious this process is for you, though a good tree removal service will offer stump removal too.

What is the fastest way to remove a tree stump?

Grinding is the fastest way to remove a stump, and it may make the most sense especially when you’re considering removing multiple stumps, as the cost of stump removal declines incrementally with every stump on the same project.

Manual removal with burning or chemicals like potassium nitrate will take longer but ultimately help you save money if budget is a factor.

How to Find a Stump Removal Company Near Me

If you’re looking for a tree stump removal company in Lancaster or the surrounding area, we can help. We can usually schedule your stump removal within a week or a few weeks at max – our prices are fair and competitive, and we provide turnkey re-seeding if that’s what you’re after. 

But wherever you are, the important thing is that you find a trustworthy, reputable tree service company to help. Look at their Google Reviews, ask for references, and ask if they’re insured if things go sideways (like a rock flies out of the grinder).

The goal of working with a good stump removal company is to make life hassle-free! 

If you’re wondering how much does stump removal cost, call for a free stump removal quote today.



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